The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

A Book Selected from my List of Betterment
A Bookish Observation

My GoodReads rating: 1 of 5 stars (I did not like it!)

If you like scary stories, then this book is for you; for me, absolutely not. Why oh why would I give this very well written famous story one star? My explanation is simple: the story made me anxious. After getting about 30% of the way through, I started to doubt the narrator’s view of what was going on. Then I did something I have never done, I read the last chapter. Overall, I didn’t want to abandon this book because it’s by one of the “greats”, Henry James. I was hopeful it would become one of ten choices for my List of Betterment. Well, apologies Mr James, we live in an age of anxiety and I work very hard to remove every last crumb of unnecessary anxiety from my life, so I must abandon the book. (Remember one star on GoodReads means “I did not like it”; the rating has nothing to do with the quality of the writing nor does it represent anything other than one readers reaction to a story read and enjoyed by millions #justsaying.)