The Footpath Philosophers at the State Library of NSW

Today, I enjoyed a visit to one of my favourite Sydney venues, the State Library of New South Wales.  The cafe and shop has been reshaped and looks very inviting, a lovely place to spend a few hours browsing and having coffee.

After a nice browse in the shop (I didn’t stop for coffee because I was meeting a friend a little later) I wandered around the main foyer and came across an interesting exhibit.  A very large book was on display. It was a collection of black and white photographic portraits accompanied by a philosophical quote.  They change the page displayed every two months. The quote painted on the wall above the display caught my eye. It made me smile with understanding.

A promise of a new day is more than enough exhilaration for me.
Siv 33

The book is titled “Footpath Philosophers” (Australia’s largest ever printed book yet) which is a collective project created and co-ordinated by Jeremy Park Photography 2009. A make-shift photographic studio was set up on an urban footpath and the team asked passers-by what they had in their minds at the time.  The photos were shot in one day on Bourke Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.  Find out more about the book and the collection at Jeremy Park’s website

It was a beautiful day and as I walked out into the beautiful sunshine, I said my hellos to Matthew Flinders who sands on his plinth in front of the library.

The Terrace in the front of The Mitchell Library Library of NSW
The Terrace in the front of the Mitchell Library at the Library of NSW Macquarie Street Sydney