Talking to Zeus by Jane Shaw

A bookish observation

When you finish a good book it’s like saying goodbye to friends

I loved every word in “Talking to Zeus” by Jane Shaw (an audiobook) and knew when I’d finished the last chapter I’d feel regretful that the characters would gradually fade out of my imagination.

The narrator, Sian Thomas, read the story so well I felt like she was talking directly to me. The story is about a young English woman who is keen to get a good reference with the hope it may give her a better chance of getting a job at London’s Kew Gardens, sometime in the future.

Jane’s year in the Greek garden is a journey of growing. Growing as a person, the evolving of a friendship grown out of respect, learning about growing plants and the value of hard work. The book is about beauty.

It makes you nod to yourself knowing that if we, or our children, all had a year in our life, once, somewhere where we could build a foundation from which everything else in the future would be grounded, we’d be very lucky.

Listen to this one it’s really really good.