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The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane

A wonderful slow read of slow travel. I’m so sad I’ve finished the book. The good news is, Mr Macfarlane has written other books and they’re waiting for me.

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A Shell from Shel : A Scallop Shell from The Camino

The Camino pilgrimage has fascinated me for years. I’ve read many books about it. I know I’ll never be fortunate enough to place a foot on the sacred pathway, I won’t get my walking passport stamped, nor will I be able to hang a scallop shell from my overweight backpack. But that’s OK, I haven’t completly missed out because I read books.

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Walking the M62 by John Davies

A Bookish Observation: Many computer crashes ago, back in the day when the “blue screen of death” often showed its irritating face, before we upgraded to an Apple iMac, I lost many bits and pieces. Some files were precious, some were important and others were long forgotten. One of the long forgotten items, lost forever, was the first eBook I paid for: Walking the M62 by John Davies.

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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
by Rachel Joyce

Harold Fry took my breath away! A bookish observation: I wish I could recall the moment, I wish I could recall the words, the words that took my breath away. The thing is, it happened and it’s left me with a feeling of wonder. How wonderful some stories can be and how lucky is the reader who reaches that sublime moment. A book is such a silent thing until it’s opened. Within its covers are treasures.

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The Well at the World’s End
by A.J. Mackinnon

A bookish observation: My first introduction to Sandy Mackinnon’s writing was “The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow”. This is still one of my favourite books. When I heard he had written another book, I think he has only written two, I just had to get “The Well at the World’s End”.

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Talking to Zeus by Jane Shaw

A bookish observation: I loved every word in “Talking to Zeus” by Jane Shaw (an audio book) and knew when I’d finished the last chapter I’d feel regretful that the characters would gradually fade out of my imagination.

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Tracking and Mapping the Explorers
by John Whitehead

The history of early Australian colonial history is fascinating. Fascinating because it began as an ugly British experiment and resulted in a unique and beautiful democratic country. The lucky country! My country.

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A Book Leapt Off the Library Shelf

A bookish observation: The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow” 1st Edition, by AJ Mackinnon, practically leapt off the shelf into my hands. It was during one of my regular visits to the local library. There it was, in the travel genre section.

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