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A Favourite Series – Kincaid and James Mysteries

I’ve read sixteen of the seventeen books available in the Kincaid and James Mystery series.  I’ve read them, one after the other, straight through; it was like reading one long novel, and enjoying every moment. I really like the characters, and the plot has just the right pace for me; a medium pace, the pace of a mystery.

Soon, I’ll be starting book seventeen, Garden of Lamentations, that said, the books sitting on my side-table are looking quite neglected, so I may redirect my attention to some non-fiction for a little while.

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Sausage Hall by Christina James

One of the joys of being a book blogger is being welcomed into the world of “reviews”. I rarely accept invitations to review books for a couple of reasons. Firstly, many books don’t interest me and secondly I’m very busy with multiple projects. I only blog when something grabs me, so when an email arrived in my in-box offering me a preview copy of Sausage Hall by Christina James I immediately wrote back to say, “the book’s blurb gives me the impression that it would be a book I would enjoy” and enjoy it I did. This is the third book of the Detective Inspector Yates series. Sausage Hall was the first book I’ve read, written by Christina James. I’ll be seeking out her other two soon,

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The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl

A bookish observation: I’ve just finished listening to The Dante Club AudioBook and will miss inhabiting it very much. The environment of the “fireside poets” and their city of Boston was really interesting, learning about Dante’s poetry was enlightening and the mystery that held it all together moved along at a pace that suited me very well. And very importantly, as listeners will know, the audio-reading of a book can make it or break it, John Siedman’s reading of this book matched to story’s voices perfectly. A lovely long listen. Well done Matthew Pearl! Don’t miss it everyone, it’s a goody.

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