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The Art of Time Travel – Historians and their Craft

A Bookish Observation: The minute I saw Tom Griffith‘s book description on Amazon I knew his book was a book I must read. It was listed on Kindle Unlimited, but I wasn’t a subscriber. I’d considered joining Amazon’s eBook library previously, so I subscribed and picked up “The Art of Time Travel“. (Later I purchased the book, because with Kindle Unlimited you have to return the book eventually.)

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I took off my rose-coloured glasses for a moment . . .

I took off my rose-coloured glasses for a moment to listen to Richard Flanagan on the decline of love and freedom. Powerful stuff, 35 minutes of intelligent alternative thinking with a focus on Australians. A generous speech he gave as the closing address at the recent Melbourne Writers’ Festival and available for download from ABC Radio National’s website: ABC Bookshow Stories – Richard Flanagan – The Decline of Love and Freedom

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Australian Classics by Jane Gleeson-White

A bookish observation: There’s always a sense of warmth when reflecting on a book just read and enjoyed. That’s how I feel today about Jane Gleeson-White’s well written book “Australian Classics”. I found the book a pleasure to read. Each chapter was dedicated to a particular book and was a comfortable length explaining the what, how and why, of the chosen “Australian Classic” followed by the author’s story, some dazzling, others sad.

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