Sausage Hall by Christina James

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Sausage Hall by Christina James


One of the joys of being a book blogger is being welcomed into the world of “reviews”. I rarely accept invitations to review books for a couple of reasons. Firstly, many books don’t interest me and secondly I’m very busy with multiple projects. I only blog when something grabs me, so when an email arrived in my in-box offering me a preview copy of Sausage Hall by Christina James I immediately wrote back to say, “the book’s blurb gives me the impression that it would be a book I would enjoy” and enjoy it I did. This is the third book of the Detective Inspector Yates series.  Sausage Hall was the first book I’ve read, written by Christina James.  I’ll be seeking out her other two soon, the titles are: In the Family and Almost Love.

I think the title of the book, Sausage Hall, tends to distract from the quality of the story. That’s just a personal opinion.  The story links a crime in the historical past, to one in the present, both perpetrated by different people but both crimes involve the owners of a mansion known as Laurieston located in Lincolnshire. Laurieston is also known to the locals as Sausage Hall because it was once owned by a butcher.

Christina James’ writing style fitted with my reading taste, like a glove.  I was a little thrown by the narrative changing from first person to third person when I began reading. However, once I became accustomed to the switch, I enjoyed it, it was like a change in melody, it complimented the style of writing.

I enjoyed the story and its great ending. Now, don’t cheat everyone, don’t go reading the last chapter till you’ve read from beginning to end in sequence.

Sausage Hall is home to millionaire Kevan de Vries, grandson of a Dutch immigrant farmer. De Vries has built up a huge farming and food packing empire which extends, via the banana trade, to the West Indies. Sleazy MD, Tony Sentance, persuades de Vries to branch out into the luxury holiday trade and De Vries and wife, Joanna, take the first cruise out. But back home a break in at Sausage Hall uncovers a gruesome historical discovery and soon DI Yates is called in as a young employee of de Vries is found dead in the woods at Sandringham. This third outing for DI Yates tackles the exploitation of African women in the nineteenth century and draws parallels with the exploitation of Eastern European women in the 21st.

I love the unfolding of a good mystery and Sausage Hall is certainly one.

Buy the book from Sausage Hall is due for release in November 2014.

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