My Impossible To Be Read TBR List – June 2017

Over the last few years I’ve developed a habit of collecting eBooks with the intention of reading them, but because they are digital, and do not physically sit on our bookshelf, they get overlooked. When I discover an eBook that intrigues me, I load down a sample from, however, sometimes the book is priced between zero to $5, which is very enticing, so I buy it; hence the resulting list of forty-six books.  Knowing that this pile of digital books was getting unmanageable, I felt a desire to develop a method whereby I could see them, physically; I wanted the books’ physical presence in some form.  After thinking about it for quite a while, I found a work around; a printed catalogue solved the problem.

I use a wonderful piece of free software, Calibre, to catalogue my books, physical, digital, and audio.  The software is capable of producing a printed catalogue of one’s library.  So, a few days ago, I got my act together, and through Calibre (Wikipedia), I created a physical catalogue of my Books Owned, Not Read Yet. I organised the catalogue to print out details of each book on a single page, along with an image of the all important book cover. (You can download Calibre from their website, free of charge.)

This catalogue excludes books I’ve listed elsewhere, that is, the books I don’t own but desire to read.  I’ve decided if I added both groups together I would be kidding myself: the words of Darryl Kerrigan of The Castle  “Tell him you’re dreamin!” rung in my ear.

So I don’t completely overwhelm myself, I’ve decided that the most important group within my TBR list must be the books I OWN, and intend to read. This list is shown below.

The following list is sorted by the surname of the author. This is my list as at June 2017, the list is ever changing because I will “shelve/abandoned” books if they are not right for me in that moment of time, after reading around 10% of the story. If I read 100% of the book, it will be added to my prideful Books Read List.

I’m hoping that by sharing my list of “hopefuls”, you may find one for yourself that will give you a few hours of pleasure.

  1. Baghdad: The Final Gathering · Ahmad Ardalan
  2. Elizabeth and Her German Garden · Elizabeth von Arnim
  3. In the Mountains · Elizabeth von Arnim
  4. Behind the Scenes at the Museum: A Novel – Kate Atkinson
  5. Human Croquet · Kate Atkinson
  6. Murder in the Woods (Inspector Skelgill [8]) · Bruce Beckham
  7. The Light Of Darkness (The Cryptic Killer [1]) · J Benjamin
  8. The Complete Narrowboat Lad Collection · Daniel Mark Brown
  9. The Children’s Book · A S Byatt
  10. The Innocence of Father Brown (Father Brown [1]) · Gilbert Keith Chesterton
  11. The Rock: Murders In The Sun (Sullivan and Broderick Murder Investigation Book 1) – Robert Daws (My bookish observation.)
  12. A Zen for Murder (Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery [1]) · Leighann Dobbs
  13. Captive on the Fens – a gripping crime thriller full of twists
  14. Nefarious Doings (Nell Forest Mystery [1]) · Ilsa Evans
  15. Ill-Gotten Gains (Nell Forrest Mystery [2]) · Ilsa Evans
  16. The Little Paris Bookshop · Nina George
  17. Woken · Sue Hampton
  18. Magpie Murders: A Novel · Anthony Horowitz
  19. Landfall · Joseph Jablonski
  20. The Custodians · Nicholas Jose
  21. The Grandfather Clock · Mr. Jonathan Kile
  22. Take No More (James Blake [1]) · Seb Kirby
  23. The Shadow Land · Elizabeth Kostova
  24. Murder Against the Grain (John Putnam Thatcher [6]) · Emma Lathen
  25. The Sound of Language · Amulya Malladi
  26. Finding Thomas Dames · Lynne Morley
  27. The Book Club Murders (Oakwood Mystery [1]) · Leslie Nagel
  28. Olmec Obituary (Dr Pimms [1]) · L.J.M. Owen
  29. A Spark of Death (Professor Bradshaw Mysteries [1]) · Bernadette Pajer
  30. The Celtic Dagger (A Ftizjohn Mystery [1]) · Jill Paterson
  31. Murder at the Rocks (A Ftizjohn Mystery [2]) · Jill Paterson
  32. Once Upon a Lie (A Ftizjohn Mystery [3]) · Jill Paterson
  33. Unforeseen (Thomas Prescott [1]) · Nick Pirog
  34. Grandfather and the Raven: A Story Cycle · George Polley
  35. The Watchmaker of Filigree Street · Natasha Pulley
  36. Malevolent (Lieutenant Kane [1]) · E. H. Reinhard
  37. The Gauguin Connection (Genevieve Lenard [1]) · Estelle Ryan
  38. A Shortcut to Murder (The Dr Adam Bascom Mysteries Book 3) · William Savage
  39. Dark Threads of Vengeance (Ashmole Foxe [2]) · William Savage
  40. This Parody of Death (Ashmole Foxe [3]) · William Savage
  41. The Antiquary (Annotated) · Walter Scott
  42. Pecking Order · Chris Simms
  43. And Four to Go (Nero Wolfe Short Story Collections [8]) · Rex Stout
  44. You Can’t Make Old Friends (Joe Grabarz [1]) · Tom Trott
  45. Long Man’s Shadow (Mrs Stonier Mystery [1]) · Anne Wilkinson
  46. The J.M. Barrie Ladies’ Swimming Society · Barbara J. Zitwer