My Reading List May 2018

Books hold treasures! Treasures are discovered by a commitment to seek them.

Diane Challenor, editor, Artuccino

My CURRENTLY READING LIST can often have more than five books on it, these are the books that I’ve committed myself to read in the near future, the ones I’ve “cracked open”, not to be confused with my TO-BE-READ LIST (TBR), nor my BOOKS OWNED AND NOT READ YET LIST. For me, there’s no point in listing more than five books on a CURRENTLY READING LIST (although I often do); attempting to read too many books within the same time-span dissipates continuity particularly if you are reading mysteries, or bibliomemoirs, or slow-travel memoirs. Listing my books is my way of keeping some semblance of order over my reading goals. It’s important to me that I don’t forget the books I’ve purchased. eBooks and audiobooks are easily forgotten because they aren’t visible on a bookshelf.

My reading may include an eBook, or printed book, during the day, and an audiobook through the night; it all depends entirely on my mood and my concentration levels. I need a set of choices to accommodate my quirky reading muscle, hence the need for more than one book on my currently reading list. My lists are invaluable to me because they ensure I make achievable reading goals and get my priorities in order.

Some books designated as “currently-reading” books will eventually be shelved or abandoned altogether. When I get overwhelmed by my reading goals, some of the books become victims, and I “clear the decks”, shelving some and abandoning others, leaving one or two on my list that are “calling to me”. Abandoning a book, or shelving it, is no reflection on the quality of the book, it’s more a reflection on my over enthusiastic desire to read every book that intrigues me.

My CURRENTLY READING LIST for May 2018, contains a ridiculously unattainable reading goal. I’ve listed them below this paragraph. The list represents a personal reflection on my over-commitment. I assure myself that sanity will prevail and I’ll eventually cull them down to a manageable level, soon. I’ve added a few extra notes to the book’s listing, indicating its fate after I gave it a careful culling.