My best tweets of the week

My best tweets of the week

Most days I can be found trawling through Lit Bloggers‘ RSS feeds and on Twitter (@CynthiaBlue44)  gleaning precious bits and pieces from their conveyor-belt of conversation. Listed below are my ten best tweets of the week. You’ll find some interesting reading.  Enjoy!

Lit blogger @guildedearlobe has written a moving heart-felt piece related to the tragedy in #sandyhook USA…some-ramblings

Last of 2012: What to worry about in 2013…last-of-2012-what-to-worry-about-in-2013/

I love Scrivener too! Here’s a blog post about it from The Passive Voice – Scrivener: An Introduction to Novel Writing  thepassivevoice … scrivener-an-introduction-to-novel-writing

Heard about Drabbles today, interesting concept. 100 word stories.    #amreading

Excellent amusing blog post for readers from The Broke And The Bookish LitBlog: Abandonment Issues…abandonment-issues

Just found out the TV series, “Young James Herriot”, doesn’t have a second season (wiki). It’s so good! I hope the BBC change their minds.

Interesting blog post from “The History Girls” Litblog: The Black Count Alexandre Dumas

Interesting: Peter Corris on discovering Maugham (and others) « The Newtown Review of Books  #amreading

Just getting into “essays”. Good reads. @Meanjin has an Anthology of Literary essays that looks interesting.

@PoliceAssocNSW Our police put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. Thank you! Saddened by senseless loss of DI Bryson Anderson.