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Don Quixote Reading Challenge 2013

There’s a classic novel waiting for me to get past the first 50 pages. It’s Miguel de Cervantes’ The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha (Edith Grossman’s translation). I bought the book a long time ago, it was the size of a large brick, impossible to carry around. At one stage I thought I’d break the book up into manageable sections, yes that’s right I was contemplating physically breaking the book apart, but I didn’t, I left it unfinished and gave up. Now, technology has changed and I have the ebook on my Kindle, I’m ready to go. So why the challenge? I’m stuck.

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Phillip Parker King 1791-1856
A Most Admirable Australian
by Brian Douglas Abbott

About the book: The book tells the story of the life of Phillip Parker King who was inextricably linked with the establishment of the colony of New South Wales. His father, Philip Gidley King, sailed to Botany Bay on HMS Sirius as Governor Phillip’s second in command in 1787, and Lt. PG King was given the responsibility of establishing the penal settlement on Norfolk Island.

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