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The Allan Cunningham Project – a focus on Australian colonial history

Artuccino is proud to host The Allan Cunningham Project: The Allan Cunningham Project is made up of several parts, all with the same aim, which is to document accurate information related to Allan Cunningham (botanist and explorer 1791 – 1839) and make it accessible via the internet. Keeping a record of what he witnessed, discovered and documented will ensure that our generation and future generations will have access to historical information related to the Australian landscape and its flora between 1816, when he first arrived in Port Jackson and 1839 when he closed his eyes for the last time.

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I took off my rose-coloured glasses for a moment . . .

I took off my rose-coloured glasses for a moment to listen to Richard Flanagan on the decline of love and freedom. Powerful stuff, 35 minutes of intelligent alternative thinking with a focus on Australians. A generous speech he gave as the closing address at the recent Melbourne Writers’ Festival and available for download from ABC Radio National’s website: ABC Bookshow Stories – Richard Flanagan – The Decline of Love and Freedom

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52 Suburbs by Louise Hawson

A bookish observation – My impression of a Sydney Writers Festival Event 2011: The auditorium at The Mint, one of Sydney’s early historic colonial buildings, was full to capacity when Robbie Buck bounced up on the stage. I didn’t know who he was but he seemed full of confidence, bright and energetic. He was followed closely by the author, Louise Hawson. Once seated in the comfortable lounge chairs, waiting for them on the stage, they commenced a conversation that immediately put a focus on what it was that motivated Louise to photograph the suburbs of Sydney, one each week for 52 weeks and blog the results. The results were so popular, Louise knew she “had” something. A publisher suggested a book could prove to be successful and it was.

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Eramboo’s Sculpture Exhibition at Terrey Hills

Dids McBride, one of Artuccino’s friends, exhibited her work for the first time at Eramboo last November. Her work was exhibited with several sculptors, all members of the Eramboo arts community at Terrey Hills.

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Maybe it’s a gift not to be ‘gifted’ …

General musing about Virginia Woolf: Sometimes, when I’m waiting for whatever, I delve into the library on my iPhone eReader. I don’t read anything of great length on my iPhone, the screen is much too small for my squinting eyes. I read little “bits”, that is “bits” of short written pieces.

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