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Reading Hemingway using five magic keys

The Sun Also Rises

A bookish observation: Hearing a voice from the Jazz Age for the first time. For me, the world of classic literature is like an old locked cupboard in the attic, I’m keen to break it open to see what’s inside. I’ve heard there’s some wonderful experiences waiting for me if I could just find the key. Recently I did just that, I found a key, well five actually and accessed a classic written by Ernest Hemingway, a voice from The Jazz Age.

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One little word for 2014

My word for the year 2014 is COMPELLED.

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The Footpath Philosophers at the State Library of NSW

While wandering around the main foyer of the Library of NSW in Macquarie Street Sydney I came across an interesting exhibit. A very large book was on display. It was a collection of black and white photographic portraits accompanied by a philosophical quote. They change the page displayed every two months. The quote painted on the wall above the display caught my eye. It made me smile with understanding.

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Hibiscus insularis – Philip Island Hibiscus

Today, September 2012, we finally observed the Philip Island Hibiscus in bloom at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and managed to capture an image.

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I took off my rose-coloured glasses for a moment . . .

I took off my rose-coloured glasses for a moment to listen to Richard Flanagan on the decline of love and freedom. Powerful stuff, 35 minutes of intelligent alternative thinking with a focus on Australians. A generous speech he gave as the closing address at the recent Melbourne Writers’ Festival and available for download from ABC Radio National’s website: ABC Bookshow Stories – Richard Flanagan – The Decline of Love and Freedom

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Tea for two – it’s the small things in life that count

General musing: The “idea” of the traditional Japanese tea ceremonyhas always appealed to me. The idea of peace and harmony is so attractive. The slowing down of time.

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The Dreaming Swimmer by Clive James

Bookish observations while reading Clive James’ The Dreaming Swimmer: How many times have I read a book and wanted to hear the music the author mentioned, see an image of the art the author has gushed over, or know who it was the author quoted, deferred to and admired? Many times!

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Why is history important?

What can we learn from a 19th century Botanist’s story ? I have a belief that history is important, sometimes I wonder why I believe such a thing. To help me firm up my belief I wrote down some thoughts which I would like to share with you.

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The Eagles

It’s not how you look it’s how you sound! said Glenn Frey of The Eagles at their Sydney Concert in early December. They sounded great! Four masters, including the supurb Don Henley, strutting their stuff along with a large group of talented musicians and lighting artists. A privilege to see them on stage and their sound has lost nothing over time. Rich voices and magic instrumentals.

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Eramboo’s Sculpture Exhibition at Terrey Hills

Dids McBride, one of Artuccino’s friends, exhibited her work for the first time at Eramboo last November. Her work was exhibited with several sculptors, all members of the Eramboo arts community at Terrey Hills.

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