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A Favourite Series – Kincaid and James Mysteries

I’ve read sixteen of the seventeen books available in the Kincaid and James Mystery series.  I’ve read them, one after the other, straight through; it was like reading one long novel, and enjoying every moment. I really like the characters, and the plot has just the right pace for me; a medium pace, the pace of a mystery.

Soon, I’ll be starting book seventeen, Garden of Lamentations, that said, the books sitting on my side-table are looking quite neglected, so I may redirect my attention to some non-fiction for a little while.

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Case Histories by Kate Atkinson

Amazingly good. I didn’t want to put it down and I didn’t, until I finished the book, 48 hours after beginning, Phew! I’m not a fast reader but I found this a real page turner. It isn’t a thriller, but it’s a fantastic mystery. I read it and listened to it. The narrator of the audiobook was excellent. It won’t be long before I read the next one in the series. I just have to catch my breath first.

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Favourite series: Garrison Gage Mysteries by Scott William Carter

Favourite series: I’ll not summarise the Garrison Gage Mysteries for you, except to say the stories are set on the Oregon Coast of the USA. The writing is good, the characters are interesting and their experiences are well drawn. The books are plot driven at a speed where you have time to take in the scenery and the weather, there’s time to get to know the characters and the consequence of their actions.

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Maisie Dobbs by Jaqueline Winspear

A Bookish Observation: The story is set in the UK just before, during and after the First World War and follows the journey of a young woman plucked from her lowly beginnings by her wealthy employer and mentored by an elderly philosopher detective type character named Maurice Blanche. Maisie has proved to have a high degree of intelligence and diligence. Very early in the story we are introduced to Maisie and soon we can see she is going to be an interesting character and we can also see the author’s writing style is clear, enjoyable and leads us forward in such a way that we want to know more.

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