Books Owned Not Read … Yet – April 2020

Over the last few years I’ve developed a habit of collecting eBooks that capture my attention, with the intention of reading them sometime in the future. The cost of an eBook is often less than five dollars, so the temptation to buy them when they are on sale is a bit difficult to resist. Unfortunately, after I add eBooks to our electronic library they often get overlooked; they disappear into the computer’s memory. I came up with a few impractical ideas to make our eBooks more visible around the house, such as making a stack of cards with book covers printed on them so I could shuffle them around and display a random card each week to remind me to read the book, however there was a major drawback with this idea, i.e. the cost of the ink and paper. Eventually I found a solution: create a printed catalogue of our owned-not-read-yet. eBooks.. It wasn’t long before I discovered that it is possible to print out a list of books from GoodReads.

GoodReads is a social media platform where readers can list and categorise their books. I’ve been using the GoodReads service for years, and all our books are listed. We have a “shelf” on GoodReads titled owned-not-read-yet. It was just a simple matter selecting the correct shelf, going to Settings and selecting the criteria and the sort order for the catalogue, then selecting whether or not I wanted a list or a bunch of book covers to display. Then all I had to do was click Print, and a printer friendly page popped up. I had my catalogue. So easy. Thank you GoodReads.

The images that follow show two pages of several, created within GoodReads, making up our catalogue of books owned-not-read-yet.

Me thinks I’ve been over ambitious with books I intend to read.

One page, captured from our GoodReads shelf owned-not-read-yet
And, here’s another.