Book Marketing is Dead by Derek Murphy

A bookish observation

I’ve been following along with Derek Murphy’s blog from his website creativindie for a few months. It’s full of interesting insights about eBook publishing and cover design. His conversational writing style is clear and easily accessible, so when I realised he had published several books covering self-publishing topics, I loaded down three of them:

After reading a few pages, of Book Marketing is Dead, I felt confident it was going to be a good read and I wasn’t disappointed.

My interest in self-publishing is anchored in my love of “the craft of writing”, specifically a sub-set, the craft of publishing, the vehicle giving the author access to the reader. To explain a little more: I am not a writer of books, my interest is not in the “doing” of writing, it is about everything else. That is, I’m interested in the “how” of writing, the inspiration; the method; the structure; the genre; the editing; the book cover; and the title; along with the publishing and marketing vehicle. Hence my interest in this book.

For the novice, the advice is very good, there is enough detail to put in place good strategies. For me being a little more advanced, my knowledge was enhanced and re-inforced and then there were “gems” that were the “cream on the cake”. The author stresses the need to begin with a good product, he then follows up with this:

“design” is a magic wand that super-charges your sales.

Derek Murphy

So true, so true. The late Steve Jobs made good design the foundation of Apple’s success. And, I believe it’s the magic ingredient for many things, be they software or traditionally printed books, and so too for eBooks and their promotion.

I’m collaborating with an author who has written several books telling stories filled with interesting characters and happenings. All, as yet, unpublished. (I won’t mention his name nor his books yet because we’re developing his author platform.) Very soon, he’ll publish his debut novel. His website will go-live within the month. Currently, we’re focused on the front matter and back matter of the book, which in turn will become the “About the Author”, and “About the Book” web-pages on the website. I’m telling you this because, in Derek Murphy’s book, he says something that reinforces my decision to ask the author to completely re-write his front and back matter. What he says in relation to the book description is:

Make sure the Amazon sales page has a killer description that hooks attention and creates desire to read the book

Derek Murphy

And further on into the book, Mr Murphy talks about building an author platform:

by sharing a powerful author story … summarise your life in the format of an emotional story that captivates the imagination

Derek Murphy

Powerful advice we’ve decided to follow.

The book is a quick read and eloquent at the same time. It certainly added to our knowledge of self-publishing.

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