Artuccino the blog has been launched
and Artuccino the eZine has been archived

Welcome to the “new” Artuccino.  Artuccino has been re-launched as a blog and the “old” Artuccino, the eZine, has been archived.

The “new” Artuccino is a blog of accidental discoveries. It will be my commonplace book.

About the “new” Artuccino

Sometimes I get so enthusiastic about a new discovery that I want to shout it from the rooftops and sometimes I simply and quietly want to paste a memory into my commonplace book. It is here, within this blog, I’ve found my rooftop and I’ve found a nook for my commonplace book.

Much of my inspiration comes from reading and when I enjoy a book I sometimes (not always) want to write down my impressions. Mixed with my love of reading is a desire to share my other eclectic interests e.g. computer technology, photography, videography, travel, art and recording the sounds of nature etc. Then, at other times, I discover things full of wonder and wisdom and I’m just driven to share my experience and pleasure.

Along with writing blog posts, I’ve collected over 300 wise quotes which randomly displayed in the footer of our “newly designed” website, Also, over the years I’ve researched the life of an early Australian Colonial Botanist Explorer, Allan Cunningham 1791-1839. I’ve become quite fond of the man and will occasionally post a blog about him and his friends, plus Artuccino hosts The Allan Cunningham Project, for visitors who are interested in Australian Colonial History.

A little note about the “old” Artuccino archive

The “old” Artuccino eZine has been archived and deleted completely from the internet as of 6th December 2013. Precious treasures from the archived Artuccino eZine are being reformatted and integrated with our new blog.