An Unlamented Death by William Savage

A bookish observation

An Unlamented Death – Dr Adam Bascom Mysteries, Book One.

Great storytelling! I love a good story with a visual impact. I don’t need car chases and graphic-anything, I just want to sit spell bound as the story unfolds; this story keeps you turning the page, gently.

I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series. I loved its pace, its characters, its delivery of observations and revelations, with a little wisdom sprinkled here and there.

The period it covers, the 1700s through to the 1800s in Britain, is one that has interested me for years, because of the new “enlightened” view emerging from the blight of ignorance and suppression.

Set in Britain’s Norfolk, the story has an atmosphere that enabled me to feel placed there, feel the weather, smell the smells, enjoy the warmth of the hearth, which is so important when absorbing the story.

You’ll enjoy this one if you like a gentle story with murder and mayhem thown in.