Nancy Burbidge Medal awarded to A Orchard

Nancy T Burbidge Medal 2016


We’re proud to announce that Tony (Anthony) Orchard, a valued contributor to The Allan Cunningham Project, and author of several books dedicated to the history of Allan Cunningham, has been presented the Nancy T Burbidge Medal for 2016.

Tony delivered the Nancy T Burbidge Memorial Lecture in 2016 in response to being awarded the Nancy T Burbidge Medal. His topic was “Allan Cunningham: botanist, explorer, ecologist, geographer (and zoologist, geologist, plant geographer, anthropologist, agricultural consultant, linguist, and social commentator)”.  The full transcript of the lecture can be found on page 21 of the Australasian Systematic Botany Society  (ASBS) Newsletter 168-9 2016 (September-December 2016).  We, here at The Allan Cunningham Project, have been given permission to link the ASBS newsletter to our blog. Tony’s Lecture transcript is very interesting and a pleasure to read; it gives the reader an insight into the many facets of Allan Cunningham’s amazing capabilities. Read a transcript of the Nancy T Burbidge Memorial Lecture 2016  …

The Nancy T Burbidge Medal is awarded to people who have made a long-standing and significant contribution to Australian systematic botany. The awarding of the medal is co-ordinated by The Australasian Systematic Botany Society Council (ASBS) which is an association of over 300 people with professional or amateur interest in botany. The object of the Society is to promote the study of plant systematics. The medal is not always awarded every year. The first medal was presented in 1999.

The Nancy T Burbidge Medal was established in memory of Dr Nancy Tyson Burbidge A.M. D.Sc 1912-1977, who was a very important figure in the Australian Scientific Community. Read more about her achievements here at Wikipedia …

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