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Araucaria cunninghamii

A photo taken . . . holding a moment in time, suspended . . . contemplating a tree. The two of us just sat in the mid-morning sunshine, on a bench in the Sydney Botanic Gardens, a coffee comfortably nestled in our hands, contemplating a tree. Simple things can be so good. It wasn’t just any tree. We knew its botanical name. Did someone once say that until something has a name it doesn’t exist. The tree was an Araucaria cunninghamii better known as a Hoop Pine. Let me explain . . .

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22nd December 1831 – Charles Fraser, the Colonial Botanist, dies

On this day, 22nd December 1831, Charles Fraser, the Colonial Botanist, working in Port Jackson, died. Charles was a founder of the Botanic Gardens in Sydney and took part in many exploratory expeditions including several in the company of Allan Cunningham …

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