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12th February 1837 – arrival in Port Jackson aboard the “Norfolk”

On this day, 12th February 1837, Allan Cunningham arrived in Port Jackson aboard the “Norfolk” to take up his post as Colonial Botanist.

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30th January 1836 – Charles Darwin Leaves Sydney

While Allan Cunningham is in England, Charles Darwin ends his visit to Sydney and departs aboard “The Beagle” 30th January 1836.

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12th January 1836 – Charles Darwin arrives in Sydney

While Allan Cunningham is in England, Charles Darwin arrived in Sydney aboard “The Beagle” on 12th January 1836

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22nd October 1831 – Gov Darling leaves the colony

Governor Darling sailed from Sydney for the UK with his wife and children in the “Hooghley” on 22 October.

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31st March 1831 – Steamship SS Surprise launched at Neutral Bay

While Allan Cunningham sailed toward England, on this day, 31st March 1831, the first steamboat in Australia, Surprise, was launched at Neutral Bay.

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3rd January 1826 – Alexander Macleay arrives in the colony

While Allan Cunningham was at his home in Parramatta recuperating from his trip to the Wellington Valley, Alexander Macleay arrived in Port Jackson, aboard the convict ship Marquis of Hastings, with his wife and six daughters, to take up the role of Colonial Secretary of New South Wales.

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17th December 1825 – Lieut-General Darling arrives in the Colony

While Allan Cunningham was away from Parramatta, exploring and collecting in the vicinity between the Wellington Valley and the Cudgegong headwaters, a change of Governors took place back in Sydney.

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2nd January 1824 – Dumont D’Urville and Rene Lesson visit the colony

Around this day, 2nd January 1824, Frenchman Dumont D’Urville, botanist and Rene P lesson, naturalist visit the colony.

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25 April 1822 – return from King’s fourth Australian coastal survey

From 26 May 1821 to 25 April 1822 – King’s fourth Australian coastal survey:Northward From Port Jackson aboard HMS “Bathurst”

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26th May 1821 – departs Port Jackson on King’s fourth voyage

On this day, 26th May 1821, Allan Cunningham, after various delays, departed Port Jackson on HMS Bathurst under the command of Phillip Parker King and in company with another ship, the “Dick” .

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19th December 1820 – return to Port Jackson at the end of King’s third voyage

On this day, 19th December 1820, Allan Cunningham arrived back in Port Jackson having sailed from Port Nelson, bringing to an end the third marine survey voyage with Phillip Parker King on HMS Mermaid.

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15th June 1820 – departs Port Jackson on his third circumnavigation with Phillip Parker King

Allan Cunningham departs northward from Port Jackson on 15th June 1820 accompanying Phillip Parker King on his third circumnavigation to survey coastal Australia onboard HMS Mermaid. They are away five months between 15th June to 9th December 1820

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