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The Subiaco Columns at the Uni of NSW Sydney

Standing in a garden at the University of NSW are several sandstone columns known as the Subiaco Columns, precious fragments of our colonial past holding up the sky. They have no signage and no obvious purpose. The Doric columns once decorated the impressive verandah of Hannibal Macarthur’s early 19th century mansion known then as The Vineyard and later known as Subiaco. Built in 1835, possibly by John Verge and John

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30th June 1828 – Census confirms Allan Cunningham living in Parramatta

During the year of 1828 a census was taken, the Parraatta Household Census 1828. Allan Cunningham was listed as living in Macquarie Street Parramatta.

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16th November 1827 – Cunningham’s house comes close to destruction

On this day, 16th November 1827, The Australian newspaper reported that the house of Allan Cunningham’s neighbour Mr Gooch, in Marsden Street, burned down. Mr Cunningham’s house, on the westside, adjoining the ruined house, was in danger but was saved by his neighbours, Messrs Walker, Moore, White and Smith. This news was also reported in The sydney Gazette on 16th November 1827.

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3rd January 1826 – Alexander Macleay arrives in the colony

While Allan Cunningham was at his home in Parramatta recuperating from his trip to the Wellington Valley, Alexander Macleay arrived in Port Jackson, aboard the convict ship Marquis of Hastings, with his wife and six daughters, to take up the role of Colonial Secretary of New South Wales.

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5th December 1823 – near Richmond

On this day, 5th December 1823, Allan Cunningham was camped near Richmond. He arrived back in Parramatta five days later.

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4th December 1823 – at home in Parramatta

Around this day, 4th December 1823, Allan Cunningham was back home in Parramatta organising his plants and writing up his notes.

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21st July 1823 – return to Parramatta

On this day, 21st July 1823, Allan Cunningham returned to his home in Parramatta, from his successful journey to Pandoras Pass, to rest, organise his plants and write up his notes.

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31st March 1823 – travelling from Parramatta toward Bathurst

On this day, 31st March 1823, left Parramatta heading toward Bathurst

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4th January 1823 – return to Parramatta

On this day, 4th January 1823, Allan Cunningham returned to Parramatta after completed an Expedition to the Cudgegong River which commenced on 27th September 1822

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23rd December 1816 – Renting a house in Parramatta

On this day, 23rd December 1816, Allan Cunningham organised the rental of a house in Parramatta for 50/- per month.  After arranging the rental, he returned to Sydney to stay in his temporary accommodation for a little while longer.

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