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Tracking and Mapping the Explorers
by John Whitehead

When studying the coming and goings of geographical explorers you need a map, a very precise, detailed readable map along with clear geographic reference points. A map that shows where the explorers walked, where they camped, what they observed and what they reported in their journals. John Whitehead understood this when he walked in the footsteps of the explorers. He has taken the time to share his experience by recording geographic locations, providing maps and photos of a landscape that in some places still remains visually similar to what the explorers saw. Using the explorers’ original maps and journals, John found where they had been and with respect and dedication stood where these intrepid explorers once stood. His books are indispensable for those who take the time to walk in the footsteps of our early colonial adventurers.

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27th June 1823 – near Bathurst

On this day, 27th June 1823, Allan Cunningham was near Bathurst on his return journey from discovering Pandora’s Pass.

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5th June 1823 – a practicable opening is found in the mountains, Pandora’s Pass

On this day, 5th June 1823, Allan Cunningham and his team of men found a practicable opening in the mountains and named it Pandora’s Pass.

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