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George and Sarah Suttor, a biography
by Margaret Winmill

This book tells the story of George Suttor, and his wife Sarah, and their journey to Australia bringing plants to New South Wales in 1800 for Sir Joseph Banks. It follows their life in the new colony: initially in Sydney, involvement in the rum rebellion, crossing the Blue Mountains and settling in Bathurst, and their later journey around Europe in 1839 to study methods of grape growing and wine making.

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Margaret Winmill has written a biographical gem about George (1776-1859) and Sarah Suttor

I’m impressed with the way this biography, of George and Sarah Suttor, has been structured by Margaret Winmill, George and Sarah’s great-great-great-granddaughter. The internal design of the book makes its content accessible. The paper quality and dimensions are good, the font size and font choice make the reading comfortable, and the white space is generous. The text is written in a style that makes for easy reading, and feeds the desire to know more.

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