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King’s Collectors for Kew

In 1814, with the close of the Napoleonic Wars, Sir Joseph Banks persuaded the Prince Regent (later King George IV) to send two collectors to the colonies of New South Wales and the Cape of Good Hope to gather propagating material to rejuvenate and enhance the King’s Garden at Kew, then, as now, one of the world’s great botanic gardens. More …

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28th September 1816 – departs from Brazil

On this day, 28th September 1816, Allan Cunningham and his colleague James Bowie departed Rio de Janeiro, having spent two years collecting plant specimens for Sir Joseph Banks and Kew Gardens. During this time they gradually became experts in botanical identification and their ability to overcome obstacles they met along the way were the foundations on which their future careers would stand.

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28th December 1814 – arrive at Rio de Janiero Brazil

Three days after Christmas, on this day, 28th December 1814, Allan Cunningham and James Bowie arrived in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. They found a place to stay in the capital, Rio and spent the next three months awaiting the Portuguese government’s permission to travel in the interior.

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29th October 1814 – depart from England sailing toward Brazil

On this day, 29th October 1814, Allan Cunningham and James Bowie sailed from Spithead on board the Duncan 74 commanded by Captain Chambers. Their destination was Rio de Janiero in South America. Their task was to collect botanical specimens for Kew Gardens in London.

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