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25th April 1822 – the termination of four years of voyages

On this day, 25th April 1822, marked the termination of Mr Cunningham’s four years of voyages with Captain Phillip Parker King

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25 April 1822 – return from King’s fourth Australian coastal survey

From 26 May 1821 to 25 April 1822 – King’s fourth Australian coastal survey:Northward From Port Jackson aboard HMS “Bathurst”

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9th February 1822 – a narrow escape at Cygnet Bay

On this day, 9th February 1822, Mr Cunningham had a narrow escape.

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26th January 1822 – anchored off Dirk Hartog Island

From 20th January to 26th January 1822 “The Bathurst” was anchored off Dirk Hartog’s island.

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13th January 1822 – anchored off Bathurst Island

On this day, 13th January 1822, the “Bathurst”, with Allan Cunningham on board, was anchored off Bathurst Island.

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1st January 1822 – anchored in King George’s Sound

Around this day, 1st January 1822 the “Bathurst” with Allan Cunningham on board was anchored in King George’s Sound. They’d been there since 23rd December 1821. Mr Cunningham had only just recovered from a debilitating illness and was filled with enthusiasm and gratitude for feeling well again.

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15th November 1821 – departed Port Louis, Mauritius

On this day, HMS Bathurst departed Port Louis, Mauritius where the ship had undergone a refit. They’d been in Mauritius since 6th of August 1821.

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18th June 1821 – landed at Cape Grafton

On this day, 18th June 1821, Allan Cunningham was on land at Cape Grafton where the botany produced many interesting plants to our collector.

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13th June 1821- weighted anchor off the Percy Isles

Around this day 13th June 1821, HMS Bathurst weighed anchored off the Percy Isles.

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26th May 1821 – departs Port Jackson on King’s fourth voyage

On this day, 26th May 1821, Allan Cunningham, after various delays, departed Port Jackson on HMS Bathurst under the command of Phillip Parker King and in company with another ship, the “Dick” .

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