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27th June 1838 – Snow in Sydney

In June 1838 Sydney was shivering under a cold spell when, on the afternoon of the 27th, rain began to fall and continued through the night as the temperature dropped to Zero C. The next morning the rain turned to snow, covering the ground with a white blanket about an inch (2.5cm) thick.

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10th June 1838 – Aboriginals are massacred near Bingara

On this day, 10th June 1838, while Allan Cunningham was in New Zealand there was a massacre of aboriginals at Myall Creek near Bingara. 27 to 30 Indigenous Australians died.

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1st December 1837 – Allan resigns as Colonial Botanist

Sometime in December 1837 Allan Cunningham resigned from his position as Colonial Botanist of New South Wales.

1st March 1837 – Allan Cunningham took up his position as Colonial Botanist

On this day, 1st March 1837, Allan Cunningham took up his position as Colonial Botanist in New South Wales.

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1st June 1836 – snow fell in Sydney

Sometime in the year 1836, snow fell in Sydney for the first time in recorded history.

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26th December 1832 – First Performance Theatre Royal

Australia’s first professional theatrical performance is staged at the Theatre Royal, Sydney, organised by Jewish entrepreneur Barnett Levey.

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14th May 1831 – The Steamship “Sophia Jane” arrives

On this day, 14th May 1831, the first steamship to operate in Australian waters, “Sophia Jane”, arrived at Port Jackson from Britain under sail.

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1st November 1830 – Patrick Logan murdered

Sometime around this day, 1st November 1830, Captain Patrick Logan was murdered.

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1st October 1829 – the Hunter Valley drought ends

In October 1829 rainfall was experienced throughout the Hunter Valley, breaking four years of drought.

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2nd February 1829 – Charles Sturt discovers the Darling River

On this day, 2nd February 1829, Captain Charles Sturt discovered the Darling river.

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14th September 1828 – the Bank of Australia is robbed

On this day, 14th September 1828, the Bank of Australia was robbed by Thomas Turner and his friends.

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30th June 1828 – Census confirms Allan Cunningham living in Parramatta

During the year of 1828 a census was taken, the Parraatta Household Census 1828. Allan Cunningham was listed as living in Macquarie Street Parramatta.

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26th May 1828 – John Oxley dies

On this day 26th May 1828, John Oxley, Surveyor General of NSW and explorer, took his last breath.

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16th November 1827 – Cunningham’s house comes close to destruction

On this day, 16th November 1827, The Australian newspaper reported that the house of Allan Cunningham’s neighbour Mr Gooch, in Marsden Street, burned down. Mr Cunningham’s house, on the westside, adjoining the ruined house, was in danger but was saved by his neighbours, Messrs Walker, Moore, White and Smith. This news was also reported in The sydney Gazette on 16th November 1827.

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1st September 1827 – Robert Wardell seditious libel trial

In September 1827 Wardell who had referred to the governor in the The Australian as “an ignorant and obstinate man” was charged with libel.

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3rd April 1827 – Mr Cunningham’s servant recovers their stolen horse

On this day, 3rd April 1827, one of Allan Cunningham’s servants noticed their Government horse was missing. An article appeared in The Australian describing the arrest of the thieves.

17th September 1826 – the legend of Fisher’s Ghost is born

While Allan Cunningham was exploring and collecting in New Zealand on this day 17th September 1826, the legend of Fisher’s Ghost was born.

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3rd July 1826 – The Bank of Australia Opened

On this day, 3rd July 1826, The Bank of Australia opend in “Underwood’s Building” in the northern most house of the “connected two-story houses” facing George Street opposite the Essex Streed intersection.

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3rd January 1826 – Alexander Macleay arrives in the colony

While Allan Cunningham was at his home in Parramatta recuperating from his trip to the Wellington Valley, Alexander Macleay arrived in Port Jackson, aboard the convict ship Marquis of Hastings, with his wife and six daughters, to take up the role of Colonial Secretary of New South Wales.

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17th December 1825 – Lieut-General Darling arrives in the Colony

While Allan Cunningham was away from Parramatta, exploring and collecting in the vicinity between the Wellington Valley and the Cudgegong headwaters, a change of Governors took place back in Sydney.

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