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16th October 1834 – English Parliament Buidlings Burn

On this day, 16th October 1834, Allan Cunningham was living at Strand on the Green when the Palace of Westminster burned.

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31st August 1833 – convict ship, “Amphitrite”, sank off the coast of France

On this day, while Allan Cunningham was in England, 31st August 1833, a ship, Amphitrite, carrying convicts sank. Allan Cunningham would have read the news from the comfort of his home in Strand-on-the-Green or when he visited his favourite coffee house in London.

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29th July 1833 – William Wilberforce dies

On this day, 29th July 1833, William Wilberforce died. He campaigned successfully for the abolition of slavery in the British Empire.

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15th March 1832 – The British Reform Act of 1832 is passed into law

Around this date, 15th March 1832, the British Parliament passed the “Reform Act of 1832” into law, bringing patronage close to an end.

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26th June 1830 – King George IV died today

On this day, 26th June 1830, King George IV died

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29th September 1829 – Founding of the British Police Service

The first professionally organised police service in Britain was founded on 29th September 1829, organised by Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel. Officers became known as either ‘Peelers’ or ‘Bobbies’.

23rd May 1829 – George Caley dies in England

On this day, 23rd May 1829, George Caley explorer/botanist dies in England.

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8th July 1822 – Percy Bysshe Shelley drowns

On this day, 8th July 1822, less than a month before his 30th birthday, Percy Bysshe Shelley drowned in a sudden storm while sailing back from Leghorn (Livorno) to Lerici in his schooner, Don Juan.

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20th December 1820 – the lamented demise of Sir Joseph Banks

Around this day, 20th December 1820, after arriving back from a recent voyage with Phillip Parker King, Allan Cunningham received sad news, the lamented demise of Sir Joseph Banks, he had died on 19th June 1820.

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19th June 1820 – Sir Joseph Banks dies

On this day, 19th June 1820, While Allan Cunningham was on a voyage with Phillip Parker King, his patron and mentor Sir Joseph Banks dies.

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16th August 1819 – The Peterloo Massacre Manchester England

On this day, 16th August 1819 18 people died and 200 were injured in St Peter’s Field Manchester, in what was to become known as the Peterloo Massacre.

13th February 1817 – the King family depart England heading for Port Jackson

On this day, the “Dick” departed Gravesend on 13th February 1817. On board were Phillip Parker King of the Royal Navy, Midshipment John Septimus Roe and Frederick Bedwell. They were sent by the British Admiralty and the Colonial Office to survey the coastline of Australia. They will be joined by Allan Cunningham, the King’s Botanical Collector, later that year just before they depart on the Mermaid to circumnavigate Australia for the first time.

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18th June 1815 – the English defeat the French at Waterloo

While Allan Cunningham and James Bowie were in Brazil, on this day, 18th June 1815, collecting plants for Kew Gardens, their fellow countrymen defeated the French at Waterloo. This event ensured the colonisation of Australia remained firmly in British hands

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19th July 1814 – Matthew Flinders dies

On this day, 19th July 1814, while Allan Cunningham was working at Kew Gardens, Matthew Flinders died in London aged 40.

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