Category: Exploring and Collecting in the Morton Bay district

3 August 1828 – Cunningham climbed Mount Lindesay

On this day, 3rd August 1828, Patrick Logan, commandant of the Morton Bay colony and Allan Cunningham climbed Mount Lindesay (now Mount Barney) and sighted and named the Macpherson Range.

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24th July 1828 – Estabishing a Route to the Darling Downs

On this day, 24th July 1828, Allan Cunningham and Patrick Logan, commandant of the Moreton Bay penal colony, set out from Morton Bay (Brisbane) to establish a route to the Darling Downs.

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14th October 1824 – returned to Sydney from Morton Bay

On this day, 14th October 1824, Allan Cunningham returned to Parramatta from Morton Bay. From 1st September to 14th October 1824 he’d been on an excursion to Moreton Bay exploring and collecting plants.

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