Category: Journey up the Lachlan River 1817

10th September 1817 – reporting to Governor Macquarie with details of the journey down the Lachlan River

On this day, Allan Cunningham arrived at Government House in Parramatta to give his report of the recent Western Expedition to Governor Lachlan Macquarie. Other members of the expedition, John Oxley, William Cox and Charles Fraser had given their reports a few days previously.

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8th September 1817 – arrival back in Parramatta

Allan Cunningham returned to Parramatta, worse for wear, at the end of John Oxley’s Expedition, attempting to trace the course of the Lachlan River.

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6th July 1817 – 370 miles south-westerly of Bathurst

Considering the small quantity of provisions we are now in possession of, the great distance we are from any resource, being about 350 or 370 miles south-westerly of Bathurst, and the rivulet still continuing to run westerly although very slow, Mr. Oxley has resolved to halt at this spot the whole of this week . . .

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4th April 1817 – depart on a journey to explore the Lachlan River

On this day, 4th April 1817, Allan Cunningham joined John Oxley’s Expedition to trace the course of the Lachlan River. They returned on the 8th September 1817, five months later, worse for wear.

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