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17th June 1825 – Northwest expedition to the Liverpool Plains

During the winter months of 1825, (from April to June,) another expedition was undertaken to the northwest.

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12th April 1825 travelled to William Powditch’s property

On this day, 12th April 1825, Allan Cunningham travelled to William Powditch’s property in the Hunter Valley.

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21st July 1823 – return to Parramatta

On this day, 21st July 1823, Allan Cunningham returned to his home in Parramatta, from his successful journey to Pandoras Pass, to rest, organise his plants and write up his notes.

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27th June 1823 – near Bathurst

On this day, 27th June 1823, Allan Cunningham was near Bathurst on his return journey from discovering Pandora’s Pass.

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5th June 1823 – a practicable opening is found in the mountains, Pandora’s Pass

On this day, 5th June 1823, Allan Cunningham and his team of men found a practicable opening in the mountains and named it Pandora’s Pass.

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31st March 1823 – travelling from Parramatta toward Bathurst

On this day, 31st March 1823, left Parramatta heading toward Bathurst

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