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31st August 1833 – convict ship, “Amphitrite”, sank off the coast of France

On this day, while Allan Cunningham was in England, 31st August 1833, a ship, Amphitrite, carrying convicts sank. Allan Cunningham would have read the news from the comfort of his home in Strand-on-the-Green or when he visited his favourite coffee house in London.

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30th April 1827 – heading north from Segenhoe

On April 30, 1827, Cunningham took his departure from Segenhoe. He had with him six men, eleven horses, and provisions for fourteen weeks.

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1st January 1817 – Mr Cunningham’s convict servants are assigned to him

Around this day, 1st January 1817, Mr Cunningham’s convict servants were assigned to him.

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7th February 1814 – Francis Greenway and Joseph Lycett arrive as convicts in Port Jackson

While Allan Cunningham and his brother Richard studied and catalogued plants arriving from the “new” world at London’s Kew Gardens, on this day, 7th February 1814, two men arrived in Port Jackson. They arrived on the convict ship, General Hewitt. Their names were Joseph Lycett and Francis Greenway.

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