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27th June 1839 – Allan Cunningham’s last day

On this day, 27th June 1839, Allan Cunningham died. His life had been cut short. He was only 48. In the words of his friend Robert Heward, it was the “termination of the life of this truly estimable man”. Had he lived he would have continued collecting and identifying botanical specimens. He would have shared his knowledge with all those who showed an interest in understanding the wonders of nature. He was a success in all sense of the word.

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1st April 1835 – Richard Cunningham disappears in the Australian Bush

Sometime in April 1835 Allan Cunningham’s brother Richard disappeared in the Australian bush

29th July 1833 – William Wilberforce dies

On this day, 29th July 1833, William Wilberforce died. He campaigned successfully for the abolition of slavery in the British Empire.

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22nd December 1831 – Charles Fraser, the Colonial Botanist, dies

On this day, 22nd December 1831, Charles Fraser, the Colonial Botanist, working in Port Jackson, died. Charles was a founder of the Botanic Gardens in Sydney and took part in many exploratory expeditions including several in the company of Allan Cunningham …

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24th November 1830 – Bungaree dies

Death of Boongarie (Bungaree), chief of the Broken Bay and Sydney tribes.

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1st November 1830 – Patrick Logan murdered

Sometime around this day, 1st November 1830, Captain Patrick Logan was murdered.

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26th June 1830 – King George IV died today

On this day, 26th June 1830, King George IV died

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23rd May 1829 – George Caley dies in England

On this day, 23rd May 1829, George Caley explorer/botanist dies in England.

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11th August 1828 – Burial of Allan Cunningham’s father

On the 11th August 1828 Allan Cunningham’s father was buried at Saint Mary Abbots Church, Kensington

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26th May 1828 – John Oxley dies

On this day 26th May 1828, John Oxley, Surveyor General of NSW and explorer, took his last breath.

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20th December 1820 – the lamented demise of Sir Joseph Banks

Around this day, 20th December 1820, after arriving back from a recent voyage with Phillip Parker King, Allan Cunningham received sad news, the lamented demise of Sir Joseph Banks, he had died on 19th June 1820.

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19th June 1820 – Sir Joseph Banks dies

On this day, 19th June 1820, While Allan Cunningham was on a voyage with Phillip Parker King, his patron and mentor Sir Joseph Banks dies.

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19th July 1814 – Matthew Flinders dies

On this day, 19th July 1814, while Allan Cunningham was working at Kew Gardens, Matthew Flinders died in London aged 40.

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12th February 1793 – Allan Cunningham’s brother, Richard, is born

On this day, 12th February 1793, Allan Cunningham’s younger brother, Richard was born. He followed a similar path as his older brother, working for W.T. Aiton at Kew Gardens in London. He stayed there for eighteen years as an amanuensis*, cataloguing specimens which his brother Allan sent home from his travels in Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

4th August 1791 – Allan Cunningham is christened

On this day, 4th August 1791, Allan Cunningham was christened at George Yard Chapel, previously White Horse Yard Chapel (Independent), Hammersmith, later Broadway Congregational Church.

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13th July 1791- Allan Cunningham is born in London

On this day, 13th July 1791, Allan Cunningham was born in London. He was born into a time when people were moving away from rigid ideas based on faith dictated by religion and they were wondering about the connections in the natural world. He was born into the age of enlightenment.