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12th February 1837 – arrival in Port Jackson aboard the “Norfolk”

On this day, 12th February 1837, Allan Cunningham arrived in Port Jackson aboard the “Norfolk” to take up his post as Colonial Botanist.

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30th October 1836 – Departure from England aboard the “Norfolk”

On this day, 30th October 1836, Allan Cunningham departed England on the “Norfolk”

18th June 1831 – Allan Cunningham at sea on the “Forth”

Sometime around 18th June 1831 Allan Cunningham was aboard the “Forth” sailing to England. A brig, “Three Sisters”, outward bound from Bahia crossed their path. The ship had sailed from Bahia to Guernsey, laden with sugar. From her captain and one of her passengers, who were invited on board, they received a long account of the revolution that had taken place in Brazil, and of the abdication of Don Pedro.

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9th June 1831 – At sea aboard the “Forth”

On this day, 9th June 1831, Allan Cunningham was at sea aboard the “Forth” heading for England. A ship, the “Royal Admiral”, outward bound from Port Jackson, sailed into view. Light winds kept them together several days, and visits were occasionally paid to and from both vessels until the wind picked up and they continued on their way.

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14th April 1831 – at sea off the coast of Cape Horn

On this day, 14th April 1831, Allan Cunningham was onboard the “Forth” sailing for England and off the coast of Cape Horn.

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20th December 1816 – arrives in Port Jackson for the first time

On this day, 20th December 1816, Allan Cunningham arrived in Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was an Australian summer’s day and he disembarked from the Surry at the dock in Sydney Town, “after a pleasant voyage of ninety-five days sailing”. The Surry was under the command of Thomas Raine and its Surgeon was John. F. Bayley.

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28th September 1816 – departs from Brazil

On this day, 28th September 1816, Allan Cunningham and his colleague James Bowie departed Rio de Janeiro, having spent two years collecting plant specimens for Sir Joseph Banks and Kew Gardens. During this time they gradually became experts in botanical identification and their ability to overcome obstacles they met along the way were the foundations on which their future careers would stand.

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28th December 1814 – arrive at Rio de Janiero Brazil

Three days after Christmas, on this day, 28th December 1814, Allan Cunningham and James Bowie arrived in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. They found a place to stay in the capital, Rio and spent the next three months awaiting the Portuguese government’s permission to travel in the interior.

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29th October 1814 – depart from England sailing toward Brazil

On this day, 29th October 1814, Allan Cunningham and James Bowie sailed from Spithead on board the Duncan 74 commanded by Captain Chambers. Their destination was Rio de Janiero in South America. Their task was to collect botanical specimens for Kew Gardens in London.

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