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2nd February 1829 – at home in Parramatta

During February and March 1829 Allan stayed close to Parramatta working on specimens and organising shipping for his specimens to Kew in London

30th June 1828 – Census confirms Allan Cunningham living in Parramatta

During the year of 1828 a census was taken, the Parraatta Household Census 1828. Allan Cunningham was listed as living in Macquarie Street Parramatta.

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3rd January 1826 – Alexander Macleay arrives in the colony

While Allan Cunningham was at his home in Parramatta recuperating from his trip to the Wellington Valley, Alexander Macleay arrived in Port Jackson, aboard the convict ship Marquis of Hastings, with his wife and six daughters, to take up the role of Colonial Secretary of New South Wales.

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1st December 1825 – return to Parramatta to recuperate

From 10th October to 1st December 1825 – Allan Cunningham botanised and explored in the area between the Wellington Valley and the headwaters of the Cudgegong River. He became ill while on this journey. When he returned to Parramatta he recuperated for a couple of months.

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14th October 1824 – returned to Sydney from Morton Bay

On this day, 14th October 1824, Allan Cunningham returned to Parramatta from Morton Bay. From 1st September to 14th October 1824 he’d been on an excursion to Moreton Bay exploring and collecting plants.

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4th December 1823 – at home in Parramatta

Around this day, 4th December 1823, Allan Cunningham was back home in Parramatta organising his plants and writing up his notes.

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21st July 1823 – return to Parramatta

On this day, 21st July 1823, Allan Cunningham returned to his home in Parramatta, from his successful journey to Pandoras Pass, to rest, organise his plants and write up his notes.

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4th January 1823 – return to Parramatta

On this day, 4th January 1823, Allan Cunningham returned to Parramatta after completed an Expedition to the Cudgegong River which commenced on 27th September 1822

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20th December 1820 – the lamented demise of Sir Joseph Banks

Around this day, 20th December 1820, after arriving back from a recent voyage with Phillip Parker King, Allan Cunningham received sad news, the lamented demise of Sir Joseph Banks, he had died on 19th June 1820.

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20th November 1818 – returns to Parramatta from The Illawarra

On this day, 20th November 1818, Allan Cunningham returns to Parramatta at the end of his journey to the Illawarra District.

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10th September 1817 – reporting to Governor Macquarie with details of the journey down the Lachlan River

On this day, Allan Cunningham arrived at Government House in Parramatta to give his report of the recent Western Expedition to Governor Lachlan Macquarie. Other members of the expedition, John Oxley, William Cox and Charles Fraser had given their reports a few days previously.

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8th September 1817 – arrival back in Parramatta

Allan Cunningham returned to Parramatta, worse for wear, at the end of John Oxley’s Expedition, attempting to trace the course of the Lachlan River.

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3rd March 1817 – dinner with Governor Macquarie

On this day, 3rd March 1817, Allan Cunningham dined with Governor Macquarie at Government House Parramatta.

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23rd December 1816 – Renting a house in Parramatta

On this day, 23rd December 1816, Allan Cunningham organised the rental of a house in Parramatta for 50/- per month.  After arranging the rental, he returned to Sydney to stay in his temporary accommodation for a little while longer.

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