Category: Allan Cunnngham’s Years in England 1831-1836

16th October 1834 – English Parliament Buidlings Burn

On this day, 16th October 1834, Allan Cunningham was living at Strand on the Green when the Palace of Westminster burned.

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1st August 1831 – New London Bridge Opened

On this day, 1st August 1831, the New London Bridge was opened in London. At this time, Allan Cunningham was living at Strand-On-The-Green. It is interesting to wonder whether Mr Cunningham went to the opening celebrations.

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1st July 1831 – Allan purchases a house at Strand-on-the-Green in London

On this day, 1st July 1831, Allan Cunningham purchased a residence at Number 21 Strand-on-the-Green

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