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1st April 1835 – Richard Cunningham disappears in the Australian Bush

Sometime in April 1835 Allan Cunningham’s brother Richard disappeared in the Australian bush

5th January 1833 – Richard Cunningham arrives on the “Mary III”

On this day, 5th January 1833, Richard Cunningham, Allan’s brother, arrived in Sydney on the convict ship Mary III, to take up his post as the Colonial Botanist.

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12th February 1793 – Allan Cunningham’s brother, Richard, is born

On this day, 12th February 1793, Allan Cunningham’s younger brother, Richard was born. He followed a similar path as his older brother, working for W.T. Aiton at Kew Gardens in London. He stayed there for eighteen years as an amanuensis*, cataloguing specimens which his brother Allan sent home from his travels in Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.