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27th August 1814 – Mr Cunningham applied for the position of King’s Botanical Collector

On this day, 27th August 1814, Allan Cunningham applied for the position of The King’s Botanical Collector, soon afterward his application was accepted. It was agreed that he would be paid 180 pounds per annum plus expenses, being 30 pounds per annum in cash and the rest to be placed in a bank in London to provide for his retirement.

12th February 1793 – Allan Cunningham’s brother, Richard, is born

On this day, 12th February 1793, Allan Cunningham’s younger brother, Richard was born. He followed a similar path as his older brother, working for W.T. Aiton at Kew Gardens in London. He stayed there for eighteen years as an amanuensis*, cataloguing specimens which his brother Allan sent home from his travels in Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

4th August 1791 – Allan Cunningham is christened

On this day, 4th August 1791, Allan Cunningham was christened at George Yard Chapel, previously White Horse Yard Chapel (Independent), Hammersmith, later Broadway Congregational Church.

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13th July 1791- Allan Cunningham is born in London

On this day, 13th July 1791, Allan Cunningham was born in London. He was born into a time when people were moving away from rigid ideas based on faith dictated by religion and they were wondering about the connections in the natural world. He was born into the age of enlightenment.