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27th June 1839 – Allan Cunningham’s last day

On this day, 27th June 1839, Allan Cunningham died. His life had been cut short. He was only 48. In the words of his friend Robert Heward, it was the “termination of the life of this truly estimable man”. Had he lived he would have continued collecting and identifying botanical specimens. He would have shared his knowledge with all those who showed an interest in understanding the wonders of nature. He was a success in all sense of the word.

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13th October 1838 – Allan returns to Port Jackson from New Zealand

On this day, 13th October 1838, Allan Cunningham returned to Port Jackson from the Bay of Islands New Zealand, he was very ill.

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27th June 1838 – Snow in Sydney

In June 1838 Sydney was shivering under a cold spell when, on the afternoon of the 27th, rain began to fall and continued through the night as the temperature dropped to Zero C. The next morning the rain turned to snow, covering the ground with a white blanket about an inch (2.5cm) thick.

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10th June 1838 – Aboriginals are massacred near Bingara

On this day, 10th June 1838, while Allan Cunningham was in New Zealand there was a massacre of aboriginals at Myall Creek near Bingara. 27 to 30 Indigenous Australians died.

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15th April 1838 – Allan departs from Port Jackson heading for New Zealand

On this day, 15th April 1838, Allan Cunningham departed from Port Jackson and a sailed to New Zealand aboard the French corvette L’Heroine

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1st December 1837 – Allan resigns as Colonial Botanist

Sometime in December 1837 Allan Cunningham resigned from his position as Colonial Botanist of New South Wales.

1st March 1837 – Allan Cunningham took up his position as Colonial Botanist

On this day, 1st March 1837, Allan Cunningham took up his position as Colonial Botanist in New South Wales.

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12th February 1837 – arrival in Port Jackson aboard the “Norfolk”

On this day, 12th February 1837, Allan Cunningham arrived in Port Jackson aboard the “Norfolk” to take up his post as Colonial Botanist.

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30th October 1836 – Departure from England aboard the “Norfolk”

On this day, 30th October 1836, Allan Cunningham departed England on the “Norfolk”

1st June 1836 – snow fell in Sydney

Sometime in the year 1836, snow fell in Sydney for the first time in recorded history.

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30th January 1836 – Charles Darwin Leaves Sydney

While Allan Cunningham is in England, Charles Darwin ends his visit to Sydney and departs aboard “The Beagle” 30th January 1836.

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12th January 1836 – Charles Darwin arrives in Sydney

While Allan Cunningham is in England, Charles Darwin arrived in Sydney aboard “The Beagle” on 12th January 1836

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1st April 1835 – Richard Cunningham disappears in the Australian Bush

Sometime in April 1835 Allan Cunningham’s brother Richard disappeared in the Australian bush

16th October 1834 – English Parliament Buidlings Burn

On this day, 16th October 1834, Allan Cunningham was living at Strand on the Green when the Palace of Westminster burned.

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31st August 1833 – convict ship, “Amphitrite”, sank off the coast of France

On this day, while Allan Cunningham was in England, 31st August 1833, a ship, Amphitrite, carrying convicts sank. Allan Cunningham would have read the news from the comfort of his home in Strand-on-the-Green or when he visited his favourite coffee house in London.

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29th July 1833 – William Wilberforce dies

On this day, 29th July 1833, William Wilberforce died. He campaigned successfully for the abolition of slavery in the British Empire.

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5th January 1833 – Richard Cunningham arrives on the “Mary III”

On this day, 5th January 1833, Richard Cunningham, Allan’s brother, arrived in Sydney on the convict ship Mary III, to take up his post as the Colonial Botanist.

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26th December 1832 – First Performance Theatre Royal

Australia’s first professional theatrical performance is staged at the Theatre Royal, Sydney, organised by Jewish entrepreneur Barnett Levey.

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22nd June 1832 – Allan addresses Select Committee

On this day in London, 22nd June 1832, Allan Cunningham gave some particulars of Moreton Bay to a British Select Committee on Secondary Punishments

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30th March 1832 – James Holman departs on the Strathfieldsaye

On this day, 30th March 1832, James Holman (known as the blind traveller) departed Sydney on the Strathfieldsaye

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