9th October 1820 – departs Careening Bay, Port Nelson after repairs to “The Mermaid”

1820-10-09On this day, 9th October 1820, after being delayed by the need to repair HMS Mermaid, Allan Cunningham departed from Careening Bay, Port Nelson under the command of Phillip Parker King, headed for Port Jackson.

At this period, a leak in the vessel caused such serious apprehension, as to render it absolutely imperative to look out for a secure harbour, where the cutter’s bottom could be examined, and her defects repaired. A situation was happily found in Port Nelson; and, in a bay, afterwards called, from circumstance, Careening Bay, the necessary repairs were accomplished. The refitting the cutter caused a detention at Careening Bay of nearly three weeks, which time was turned to good account by our botanist, who made extensive excursions in the vicinity of the Bay. [Ref 1]

Reference 1:
Heward, Robert. “A Biographical Sketch of the Late Allan Cunningham.” The Journal of Botany Volume IV and Volume I (1842) Print.

Robert Heward’s 1842 Biographical Sketch of Allan Cunningham is now out of copyright and was originally published in three parts: Part One appeared in The Journal of Botany Volume IV, printed in London 1842; and Part Two and Three appeared in The London Journal of Botany Volume I, also printed in 1842.  These volumes can be located at the libraries of the University of New South Wales Library, in Sydney and the National Library of Australia Library, in Canberra (Ref: FRM F3424)