2nd January 1824 – Dumont D’Urville and Rene Lesson visit the colony

1824-01-02Around this day, 2nd January 1824, Frenchman Dumont D’Urville [Ref 1], botanist and Rene P Lesson [Ref 2], naturalist visit the colony. [Ref 3]

Reference 1: Wikipedia – Jules Dumont D’Urville

Reference 2: Wikipedia – Rene P Lesson

Reference 3 :
Robert Heward’s Biographical Sketch of Allan Cunningham

Robert Heward’s 1842 Biographical Sketch of Allan Cunningham is now out of copyright and was originally published in three parts: Part One appeared in The Journal of Botany Volume IV, printed in London 1842; and Part Two and Three appeared in The London Journal of Botany Volume I, also printed in 1842.  These volumes can be located at the libraries of the University of New South Wales Library, in Sydney and the National Library of Australia Library, in Canberra (Ref: FRM F3424)

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