1st March 1820 – escorting Russian Scientists across the Blue Mountains

Sometime in March 1820 Allan Cunningham accompanied Leut. Lawson, Fedor Shtein the Russian naturalist and the artist Emel’yan Korneyev to the Blue Mountains. The Russians were part of the famous Bellingshausen expedition.

Robert Heward wrote: In the month of March [1820], two Russian vessels arrived at Sydney [the “Otkrytiye” and “Blagonamerennyi”] the naturalist, M Stein [Fedor Shtein] and painter, M Karneyeck [Emel’yan Korneyev], attached to the expedition, having obtained permission to cross the Blue Mountains, Mr Cunningham proffered his services to accompany them on their tour.

They were absent ten days, and returned on board their ships, much gratified with their excursion, and with the attention they had received from Lieutenant [William] Lawson [Commander of the Bathurst settlement at the time and famous for being one of the three men credited with crossing the Blue Mountains for the first time in 1813] and Mr Cunningham, who accompanied, and pointed out to them the various remarkable features of that portion of the country which their limited time enabled them to investigate.

Reference 1:
Heward, Robert. “A Biographical Sketch of the Late Allan Cunningham.” The Journal of Botany Volume IV and Volume I (1842) p253 Print.

Robert Heward’s 1842 Biographical Sketch of Allan Cunningham is now out of copyright and was originally published in three parts: Part One appeared in The Journal of Botany Volume IV, printed in London 1842; and Part Two and Three appeared in The London Journal of Botany Volume I, also printed in 1842.  These volumes can be located at the libraries of the University of New South Wales Library, in Sydney and the National Library of Australia Library, in Canberra (Ref: FRM F3424)

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